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Database Management and Administration Services

SQL Server provides a set of services for development of database applications. Here is a brief description so you will understand its usefulness. SQL Server provides a number of services for database administration and you can use it on your application.

SQL Server provides a number of services for database administration and you can use it on your application. This collection service, called SQL Server Distributed Management Framework (SQL-DMF).

SQL Server provides several graphical administration tools. SQL Server Enterprise Manager is the main administrative environment for SQL Server and can be used for the installation of SQL Server database administration locally and remotely. SQL Server Enterprise Manager provides a wizard for easy administration. Some wizard that there is Database, Data Transformation Services, Management, and Replication.

In addition to the wizard of the most useful one is the Database Management Wizard that automates the maintenance plan. SQL Server Enterprise Manager and other administrative tools using a software component used together which is called SQL Server Distributed Management Objects (SQL-DMO). SQL-DMO provides a set of COM interfaces for database administration of SQL Server installations.

With SQL Namespace (SQL-NS) allows you to use dialog boxes that are part of SQL Server Enterprise Manager within your administration.

SQL Server Agent is an integrated environment for job scheduling and execution. With this facility, you can create some jobs for database administration work, either on a single server or multiple servers.

SQL Server provides two important tools that SQL Server Profiler and Index Tuning Wizard. SQL Server Profiler is used to monitor and record activity in SQL Server performance measurement and optimization. Log files SQL Server Profiler can be used to determine the query. Workload of the SQL Server Profiler, can be restarted on other SQL Server installations so you can recreate the performance characteristics for a workload.


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